FAQs / My unit is leaking down. What do I do?

Model 7050/7342 Hydraulic Actuator

In 9 years we have not had this problem with an actuator, but here are some tips if it does occur to you.

Run the unit up and down 2 times continuously to get rid of any air bubbles. Check to see if the actuator will hold pressure.

 If it does not hold pressure, raise the unit all the way up, loosen the manual relief valve locate on the bottom side of the actuator and let the actuator leak half way down.

At this point tighten back the relief valve, raise the unit up and see if it holds pressure.

If the problem is not resolved, the actuator needs servicing or replacement.  Ring CMC Sales Australia 0409 910 808

If your unit is less than one year old, contact the dealer you purchased the unit from, or ring CMC Sales Australia on 0409 910 808

Model DCH2500 Hydraulic Pump  

 These units will be from the mid eighties and beyond, not commonly found in Australia.  If you own one and need parts or advise, ring me at  CMC Sales Australia on 0409 910 808