FAQs / What are the most important things to consider when fitting up my PT-35 unit?

  1. RTFM Read the Manual, you will find all the relevant information is in this publication. Every unit is sold with an owners manual. If you have lost yours, then you can download one from this site. If you don’t know how to do that, ring me on 0409 910 808
  2. Be sure to mount the PT-35, 1 inch above your transom. This instruction is in the manual and refers to the pivot bolt extension. You can only mount it lower if you have determined that the unit will fully tilt without interference. This will be your judgment call. 

    Click here to see photo of unit mounted correctly.

     DO NOT  deconstruct the unit to mount it to your boat. There is no need, and if you do so , you will jeopardize the integrity of the pivot bolts. The manual advises how to drill the mounting bolt holes.

    If you have problems mounting the unit, ring me on 0409 910 808.

  3. Test the full up movement after you have fitted your outboard to the unit, but before you head out on the water. Make absolutely sure that the screw clamps that tighten your outboard to the PT-35,  DO NOT  touch any part of your transom.  
  4. Make sure that the bolts you mounted the PT-35 to the boat with  DO NOT  contact the actuator during the up/down movement.  If you do not follow the instructions in mounting this high precision piece of equipment, you may cause a failure to occur.
  5. When you test run the unit you may find that the electrical lead becomes stressed as it is forced through a right angle turn as the plate moves upward. Push the power lead under the alloy block on the outer plates, and direct it to the side. Drill a small hole in the side of the port outer-plate and secure the power lead with a zip clip.  Click here to see photo of this installation.
  6. Mount the relays where they will not get wet. Exercise caution and common sense if you decide to mount them in the battery box.
  7. Remember to run the outboard as instructed by the manufacturer.  Never run in the locked position unless you are moving backwards.  The PT-35 does not have a relief system for the hydraulics if you were to hit something in the water. 
  8. Download the essential fit-up tips here if you don’t know how…ring me, 0409 910 808