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Love boating and fishing in your tinnie….BUT..

  • Your back hurts
  • Your arms are not as strong as they used to be
  • Can’t get back to the outboard fast enough when coming into shore
  • Need to trim up slightly in shallow water
  • Want to trim on the fly
  • Love your old outboard, but can’t buy trim and tilt parts anymore

We can help you out….

Need better handling and finer tuning on your speed boat or cruiser.. ?

  • More speed, less drag when cruising
  • Increased top speed
  • More prop clearance in shallow water
  • Better fuel mileage at cruising speed
  • Trim your boat better according to load and conditions
  • Less splash around the engine cowling, at speed
  • More room in the cabin
  • Ability to get the outboard clean out of the water when fully tilted up

We can help you out….

Equip your boat with one of our jack plates or trim and tilt units.              Now you can buy …”online”…  

Our superior quality and competitive pricing make the CMC Jack Plates and the CMC Trim and Tilt #1 selling systems in the world!

Any type of boat, be it tinny or a large cruiser, will benefit from the ability to fine tune the position of your outboard motor to suit your cruising conditions.

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Hi Wayne.

Thanks for fitting the trim and tilt unit. It is amazing and for an “old fella” like me, it will make my life so much easier and allow me to enjoy boating and fishing for much longer than I thought.

Regards and best wishes.

Hello Wayne.

My PT-35 is on the boat.

That’s ok, the boat rides good.

The PT-35 is beautiful.

Thank you very much.


Hi Wayne.

Thanks for the fantastic service.  The PT-35 arrived early yesterday morning.  Australia Post has proven to be quicker and cheaper than a courier. I will fit it to the boat this weekend and i will let you know how we go.

Thanks again.