When using these plates to fit a 25″ outboard to a 20″ transom, or, a 30″ outboard to a 25″ transom, it was found that the web on the outboard will sometimes interfere with the top mounting bolt of the 5″ extension plates.

The first photos shows  interference between a mounting bolt and the flange on a new outboard motor, as it it is being lifted onto the transom for placement.

Rather than grind the clearance out of the outboard web, we came up with a more tidy option for this problem.

The next couple of photos show what we do.

For $35 you can add the Taper hole kit, to the purchase of your 5 in extensions.

We taper both holes on each extension that may interfere with the Outboard mounting bracket.
We supply 2 x Allen head, countersunk stainless bolts with washers and stainless nylock nuts.

This ensures that you can use either set of mounting bolt holes in the plates.
The mounting web of the outboard will pass straight over the top of these bolts.
No clamping force or strength in fitment is lost through this method.
There is about 20mm height difference in the sets of holes

Ring if you have questions or would like to order the Tapered Bolt mounting Kit.