Hi Wayne,

We purchased a CMC unit from you back in August 2012 to carry our echo sounding equipment between the hulls of our trailer-able Noosa Cat survey vessel, in an attempt to reduce the lifting effort when it was mounted over the side of the vessel as we had to physically raise the equipment by hand.

We spent quite a bit of time  manufacturing an aluminium leg to bolt to the motor carrier. We also found that the lower pin bracket at the end of the piston rod broke under the weight of the echo sounder at the end of the new leg, when we raised it to the upper position.

We replaced the bracket with one made from stainless steel and also manufactured a bracket to allow the entire unit to be supported in the raised position when we are travelling the vessel either on the trailer or at speed on the water and all appears to be okay now. It appears to be a huge improvement, because we also no longer have a permanent list to port, due to the unit being mounted central,  instead of over the portside of the vessel.

I have included some photos of before and after the modifications in chronological order as the work progressed that you may find interesting.

Wayne, thank you again for your help.

Best Wishes,

Perry Woodward

Coxswain/Survey Assistant