Recently went looking for power T&T for my 30 hp yamaha. Age and the back meant the manual tilt was becoming a trial.

Finished up buying the CMC PT35 from Wayne @Caboolture delivered to my door in Newcastle 3 days later.

I’m no mechanical genius, but with a bit of help with the lifting on and off of the motor, had no trouble fitting and wiring the unit myself.

It is fantastic! If anyone else is thinking of fitting one, I highly recommend these.


Timothy, did the extra setback change the boats behaviour or the ergonomics much?

cheers FNQ

TIMS Reply

Yep…improved ride and performance.

I RTFM’d the instructions a few times, then fiddled with string lines and levels to make sure the new motor height was spot on. Motor sits about 85mm higher than when on transom. Cav plate rides in cleaner water, and after experimenting with trim settings on water, I get on the plane quicker, then adjust trim depending on weight of for’wd deckie.

I had to get a tiller extension handle for comfort when driving, but am currently up to mental design #457c for a small console with mechanical steering.

My hull is a Seaman mark 2 and and a mate who has been fishing in the boat for years cannot believe the improvement.