Hi Wayne.

When the jack plates arrived we were very impressed with the engineering of the jack plates. At the time of looking for a set for our boat, I was very concerned that the jack plates would crack or warp with the large engine’s on this boat which was going to get driven pretty hard in rough condition, it was mainly for that reason that I specifically wanted stainless steel jack plates.

When the plates arrived and we saw how heavy duty they were, my concerns were completely dismissed. The owner is very happy with the plates but unfortunately I didn’t get any shots of the installed plates and the boat now lives about 7 hrs from my factory.

If the boat comes back for any repairs in the future, I will be sure to take some shots and send them through to you. If we have any call for jack plates in the future I will definitely get in touch to order another set.

Kind Regards

Mark Skrzypek
National Sales Manager
LeisureCat Australia
(08) 9410 0888
0423 685 271