Gidday Wayne.

The fit up took some time, but it’s bloody beaut now. A couple of pics attached might show what I’m explaining.
As this was custom built for the bloke that ran the “ Fishing Guide “ business, he had the transom made for a short shaft (unbeknowns to me from the start), though the standard spec for this hull is a long shaft.

I had to add 2 ½” To the transom height as you would gather from the pic I sent originally. The cav plate gives the big picture away.
Spent time on the milling machine to do the Teflon board between the PT35 and the transom. First run was impressive, but had some fine tuning to get what I wanted.

Weight distribution was an issue, so I have moved 45 litres of fuel to the front and appropriate quick connectors with the fuel line under the floor, then did the same with the 100 AH battery and 8Mtrs of welding cable.
Shouted it a new prop and went down a pitch at the same time, so it launches like a bullet and trims sweet for the WOT extra revs.
Did 3 launches over 2 days last weekend, between crabbing with a mate and taking the family for a high speed spin for fun, and it didn’t miss a beat. Kids are rapt and the boss approved.

I got pulled up at the ramp last Friday night by the water police and got a warning smack on the knuckles for not having a Capacity Label. They were so impressed with the whole setup, they said the money from the fine I might have got would better serve the boat in finishing what I’ve started. Lucky I’d say.